Lyfe Dsign

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Welcome to Lyfe Dsign, a sanctuary for the soul where individual lives are positively impacted on a granular level. Our unique approach is spirit-led and focuses on healing the root issues which impact different areas of a person’s life within a sacred and safe space. By facilitating heart-connecting conversations and fostering an environment of elevated compassion, we provide the tools and support needed to begin their journey toward a life of healing and wholeness. Founded by a visionary minority woman and Certified Professional (Life) Coach and Trauma Support Specialist, Lyfe Dsign leverages her extensive education in counseling and psychology and experience as a former human resources manager to guide clients through a customized experience of self-introspection and transformational healing that truly supports them. Our work gifts individual clients with new beliefs, life skills, and strategies that align with a sustained way of living a fully liberated, resilient, divinely connected life every day.

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